Residential Outdoor Burning Information

Outdoor Burning Rules for Lacey Fire District 3

City of Lacey Residents: There is a permanent outdoor burn ban within city limits of Lacey. No outdoor outdoor burning – period! Only barbecues (charcoal, propane or natural gas) are permitted.

Urban Growth Area of Lacey: Recreational fires are allowed all year round. These fires are classified as cooking fires, using seasoned firewood in designated areas or on private property. – no permit is required. They must meet the following critera:

  • Maximum size of 3’x3’x3′
  • Chimineas and outdoor fire pits that can be purchased at a hardware store are okay to use

Outside of the the Urban Growth Area of Lacey: Recreational fires are allowed all year round (refer to the information above).

A permit may be obtained for RESIDENTIAL burning between October 16 and July 14. This burn permit allows for citizens to burn up to a 10’x10’x5′ pile of natural vegetation (leaves, clipping and other yard and gardening natural refuse.

Burning is not permitted between July 14 and October 15. To learn more or to obtain a burn permit, contact the Olympic Regional Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) at, or contact them at 360-539-7610.

If you are unsure if you live within city limits, with the Urban Growth Area (UGA) or outside of the UGA, within the Thurston County GeoData website you can find your parcel’s property information report which lists the zoning and “permitting jurisdiction”.